Poplink network governance token is POPO, with a total of 99 million. The BEP20 contract address is:0x9986f2111a69613d8d3ac03ba1917adc6e16acfa.

In order to better promote the development of the poplink oracles network, the distribution of POPO tokens is now announced as follows. The suggestions and supervision of the poplink community are welcome.

Network pledge:35 million POPO tokens will be locked in the Poplink network as a reward for node operation. After the poplink mainnet goes live, it will be released within 100 years.

Ecological expansion:20 million POPO tokens will be used for the ecological construction of the poplink network, expanding partners and establishing…

The ultimate goal of DeFi (decentralized finance) is to help people effectively control and manage their own assets, effectively solve the redundant rules brought about by centralization, and establish a flexible and open financial ecosystem.

DeFi is one of the fastest-growing fields in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry today. Of course, this is also due to the efforts of industry personnel to establish a complete infrastructure. Users can use different methods to build new forms of value and create safe and decentralized influential products.

DeFi has found an alternative way to transfer control from a centralized entity to people. This…

Most DeFi protocols require price data, especially contract assets such as stablecoins and futures, which require price liquidation. Therefore, price is the core risk of DeFi. At present, the commonly used price oracle machine in DeFi generally adopts the price of a centralized exchange by a “trusted” node, and uploads it to the chain in the form of data for DeFi to call. There is a fundamental problem with this scheme, that is, the price has not been effectively verified.

So, is there a predictor that directly verifies the price, which can ensure that the price is accurate, timely, and…

Poplink founder Ted Wong:AMA on Twitter

On April 5, 2021, the founder of Poplink Oracles went deep into the community to answer questions from Twitter members. He introduced Poplink’s pre-sale, background, ecological planning and other issues.

The following is the text of this event, enjoy It!

Q1: Ted, from your point of view, can you give our community friends a brief introduction to Poplink Oracles? What is its vision and mission?

Ted:Poplink is a safe, adaptable, open, permissionless, and decentralized oracle platform. It mainly focuses on providing an efficient, safe and convenient way to realize the aggregation of blockchain and real-world data.

Q2.I just want to…

Poplink Oracles CEO Ted:The goal of poplink is to be №1 in the world, to make the best oracle protocol

On March 29th, Poplink founder Ted Wong accepted an interview with Forbes Finance.

Forbes Finance:At a very young age, he has achieved great success in his career. It seems that such people must be labeled “rebellious”, “high IQ”, “unruly and rebellious” or even “will not obey anyone”, “do what you say “Actually, through the conversation with Ted and his attitude to answer questions, I found that Ted was actually very humble, and didn’t make people realize the feeling of being very proud inside.

The following is the interview record.

Forbes Finance: Hello, Ted Wong. Please introduce yourself and the technical…

Greetings Poplink Oracles Community,

We are happy to announce that we will execute the second airdrop activity.We appreciate your patience and support throughout the development of Poplink.

Airdrop time:March 26 to June 30, 2021

Airdrop infomation:https://poplinkoracles.medium.com/popo-poplink-airdrop-round-2-57691d48c32b

  • Contract address: 0x9986f2111a69613d8d3ac03ba1917adc6e16acfa
  • Initial supply: 99000000
  • Ticker: POPO

Social Media



Discord https://discord.com/invite/8KjzBxzfyv

Telegram (English) https://t.me/poplinkoraclegroup

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In the past month,Poplink Oracles, a decentralized oracle machine,has achieved great success in brand promotion and community building.We thank all POPOers for their hard work. You have accompanied Poplink through the most difficult moments. Because of the participation of all POPOers, Poplink will become a great project.You have walked with us through all the tribulations and airdrop is our way of saying thank you. I hope you will not forget your original intentions, forge ahead, and always stand with us.Poplink foundation has decided that we will conduct the first pre-sale activity in the middle of April, hoping to still get…

In the past month, Poplink Oracles, a decentralized oracle machine, has raised US$5 million in financing from VC institutions and traditional trading platforms. Investment institutions include Arrington Capital, Signum Capital, Zhen Fund and CMT Digital.

This round of financing led by Arrington Capital will support Poplink’s mission to promote the popularization of the decentralized oracle market, enabling anyone to participate in the collection and use of real-world data, and at the same time solve some of the problems of decentralized systems and hinder their widespread development Problems and challenges. …

News:Poplink Oracles and IPFS Singapore community reached an important strategic cooperation

The Poplink platform ushered in an important strategic partner. The Poplink foundation and the IPFS Singapore Ecological Community signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement and formally reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will reach in-depth cooperation in various aspects such as distributed storage, data sharing, and community expansion.
Poplink Oracles is based on a distributed technology architecture design. While providing users with real data, it uses distributed storage and computing to aggregate massive amounts of transaction data. The data is processed by AI computing to further optimize services, and will launch personalized push based on user data. Service, this excellent experience will bring more growth to Poplink, and continue to improve community applications around the Poplink ecology.

On March 19th, Poplink foundation announced a cooperation with Block Ventures, an influential investment institution in the Thai market. One of the missions of Block Ventures is to bring and introduce new high-quality products/projects to the local market to help expand and develop the blockchain and digital currency market.

It is estimated that there are about 70 million people in Vietnam, 80% of which are Internet users, and are growing at a rate of 10% every year, and 1% of the population has been exposed to the blockchain field. Block Ventures regards Poplink Oracles as a potential blockchain project with…

Poplink Oracles

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